• Symbo1 源于英文symbol即符号。

   Symbo1 是国内以新姿态诞生的安全组织。hunting国际厂商并不能说明含金量,而是为了跳出早已熟知的圈子学习更多新事物。Symbo1组织要做的就是无私分享技术与未来的项目。


  • Symbo1 is derived from the English word “symbol”.

   Symbo1 is a brand-new independent security research team. In order to learn new techniques and work on more challenges within information security, we proactively participate in various Vulnerability Reporting Programs at international companies. Symbo1 will be free to share our knowledge, technology and open-source projects, aim to contribute the whole security community.

   Happy hunting, and enjoy the acknowledgement apart from the reward. Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

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Symbo1 Security Team.